R and M Tree Service and Landscaping R & M Tree Service
Affordable tree service in Mchenry. Lawns & Landscaping too!!

ceramic tile in mchenryCeramic Tile Experts
Excell Floors provides Mchenry with professional ceramic tile installs.

web site design, graphics and email marketing Website Design
Providing Local Biz Owners with an Online Presence & email Marketing!


seasoned firewood delivered to mchenry, wonderlake, lakemore, wauconda, island lake and surrounding areasMchenry Firewood Delivered and Stacked

Are you looking for hardwood firewood for your fireplace or wood stove? Do you know that wood has to be "seasoned" up to 2 years before you should burn it in your fireplace or wood stove?

Tom's Mchenry Firewood Delivery service will delilver good seasoned firewood. We have mixed hardwoods or all oak packages. We overdeliver to keep our customers happy.

Call Tom at 815-236-3620 and try out our well seasoned firewood. Mention this ad for a special extra gift with your first delivery!

Product and Service Reviews
for Mchenry Merchants

The "Home Page" has rotating reviews for Mchenry products and merchants along with the surrounding area. These pages will have the individual reviews to help you make a decision on whether you might like to visit that establishment.

If you are the owner of the establishment and do not agree with the review you are welcome to contact us and we can discuss the review.

I will not put contact information on these reviews ......unless the merchant pays for an advertising spot in this directory. Otherwise these are honest reviews done by myself, those people and relatives I know or an individual who would like to post a review and passes my requirements.

The whole concept of a review is to get an honest opinion of a business. Can you trust them? Will they service you? Do they provide as advertised? Or....are they rude, shortchanging on advertised goods or just plain jerks.

If you run into someone who does a great job for you or provides an excellent product or service please let me know so we can give them some free advertising :)

As a for instance.

The first two reviews are for hhgregg and Harbor Freight Tools. hhgregg was an overall good experience but there were some mishaps, the salesmen were very good and helpful but management sure seemed like they were trying to pull a fast one on me. And Harbor Freight Tools, well.... I love these guys and after spending quite bit of money there I have had nothing but good expereiences.

I never tell anyone I visit that I will do a review of their business.... at least not yet. By the same token, I have no desire to skewer any business or product, yet if you read a negative review here you can rest assured it was done with a heavy hearts as I have no desire to make life difficult for anyone, yet if you are a business owner and you are a jerk you surely will be exposed!

If you read this, help me out. Send me an email at with your review and contact information so we can discuss it.

Find Cheapest Gas In Mchenry!

Find the Perfect Job In Mchenry and Area!

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Mchenry has Great Pizza
Check out MchenryPizzas.com

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